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 Thanks for taking the time to visit my homepage, which consists mainly of birdphotos
 in different places and environments in Sweden. During the first years with my digital
      photographic equipment I photographed with the digiscoping technique. In spring 2006
  I bought my first Telephoto lens, and from which most of my pictures are taken with.
    With a single-lens reflex digital camera ( Nikon D800). On my
homepage you will also
        find photos from my hometown´s surroundings that I spend most of my sparetime in, for 
         example photos from Fläcksjön and the area around Svartådalen in Västmanland. These 
            places I  have visited and explored with my family and with friends sharing the same interest
              as me; through the cameralens. Once again; welcome!  Do take the time to write a comment 
   in my Guestbook or send me an email whether you have the same hobby or just have
               a question about anything you have seen on my homepage. Thank you once again for the visit.

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